Today I watched a tv show where a woman in prison was sent into isolation just before visitation. She was so upset.

And I cried.

Because that literally just happened with my younger brother. This past weekend, my family and I were going to see him for the first time in well over a year. He was so incredibly excited. We were too. And just days before, we received a call that he got put in the hole for the next few weeks. I can’t even imagine how upset must be. He wrote us the saddest letter apologizing repeatedly and I know he’s beating himself up about it. I wish I could hug him and let him know that it’s alright.

For those with no sympathy for inmates, just remember that everyone has a story and you can’t be too quick to judge. My brother has a learning disability and is legally declared incompetent, but is still serving 9 years for crimes he didn’t commit. Because this is America and that’s how things go. But even if he did deserve to be in there, I would still be be sad that I can’t see him. He will always be my little brother. And I will always love him.

"The Universe is saying: ‘Allow me to flow through you unrestricted, and you will see the greatest magic you have ever seen.’"
Klaus Joehle (via emotional-algebra)

Sometimes my heart freaks out and I feel like it is about to beat it’s way out of my chest. So I do a mental/emotional check and am just like… “Nah, I’m actually good. Guess I’m just dying.” And then it stops.


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"One day I will tell you what I’ve been.
It will scare you."
Yrsa Daley-Ward, “revelation,” bone  (via mythandrists)